Thursday, March 15, 2007

how's that for an answer?

Brown Brother: "Hi, I'd like to cancel my phone insurance."
Operator: "Okay. But before I do that, could you please give me your name, post code and the first line of your address."

The Brown Brother obliged.

Operator: "Did you say you wanted to cancel your insurance policy, Mr. _______. May I know why?"
Brown Brother: "I just want to cancel it, that's all."
Operator: "I can see from your information that you only have four months left on your contract. I don't understand why want to cancel it."
Brown Brother: "Like I said, i just want to cancel it."
Operator: "You realise that once you've cancelled your policy and your phone gets stolen or lost; you can't have a new one back. And you still have to pay the monthly tariff. And that if somebody uses your stolen or lost phone to make phone calls, you'll have to pay the bill. You do realise that, don't you?"
Brown Brother: "Yes."
Operator: "Are you saying, you're willing to take that risk?"
Brown Brother: "Yes."
Operator: "Clearly, this is a mistake sir. You're willing to pay, say 10,000 GBP for calls you didn't make, when the policy is only 9.99 GBP per month. Actually, I can get it down to 4.99 GBP for the basic policy. If that's what you want. "
Brown Brother: "No, thanks. I just want to cancel it."
Operator: "It doesn't make any sense. You're making a mistake, sir. Do you know that?"
Brown Brother: (Sighs) "I know that La Paz in Bolivia is the highest capital city in the world. I also know that in 1681 the Dodo became extinct. And that Helen Mirren's real name is Ilyana Mironov. Oh, and I also know how to say asshole in Spanish. Do you still want me to answer your question?"

Long pause.

Operator: "Uhm, right. Did you want you the cancellation for immediate effectivity?"
Brown Brother: "Yes."
Operator: "Do you want the cancellation number?"
Brown Brother: "No, thank you."
Operator: "Is there anything else I can help you with?"
Brown Brother: "That's all for now. Bye."


PS. The Brown Brother takes the MSN Daily Quiz everyday at work.

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