Thursday, July 31, 2008

tiger power

Four in the month of July! Graduates of my alma mater, The Royal and Pontifical University of Santo Tomas, The Catholic University of the Philippines, topped the board examinations in their respective fields of specialization.

Emmanuel Franz Lisandro Medillio Plan- Architecture
Aira Therese Salamanca Javier- Nursing
Kriszel Urquiza Gatdula- Physical Therapy
Kristel Anne Llanza Ayroso- Ocupational Therapy

Incidentally, Celeste D. Briones, also of UST, placed second in the Pharmacy Board Exams. To the Thomasian board passers, well done and thank you for bringing honor and pride to that little big school in Espana. And to all new Filipino professionals, congratulations.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

the magic is here

Apologies to Enchanted Kingdom.

Hold your mouse steady. Move it in a circular motion, click the play button and say: Revelio!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Moisture is the essence of wetness, and wetness is the essence of beauty.

It never fails to make me laugh. One of the funniest films ever made. Saw it again last night for the nth time.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

i'm not a celebrity, but get me out of here!

All is not well at work. I am disappointed verging on angry. Everyday is a struggle getting myself to work. I hate my job! Absolutely hate it and recent events make me loathe it even more.

You try so hard to do your job effectively and yet in the end, people still think it's not good enough. What part of NO is difficult to understand? I had an argument with a guest recently about putting an extra bed in a family room. That is on top of the two single beds that are already there and an extra rollaway bed. It is an obvious fire hazard and for some reason this guest was having none of it. He wants an extra bed in that room never mind that it is not allowed. I wasn't prepared to break any laws and rules so I held my ground. I denied his request and he accused me of being a bad Duty Manager and giving the worst customer service. Well, I'm sorry if I'm just trying to protect him in case something unfortunate happens. Some people just don't get it that when you say No, it doesn't mean you just can't be bothered to do your job but because there is a Health and Safety Act of 1999 that you need to follow. I admire other those who can easily shake it off when they're being attacked personally. Most of the time I try not to get afftected but sometimes it just gets me. I feel so drained. I can't serve anymore. I am tired.

It's the same shit, just on a different day. The customer is always right my ass. Just because you pay for a room to stay in for a night does not mean you can have everything your way. Once, I got shouted at by a guest because there were no available seats in the lounge. The coffee shop was busy and this guest complained that we shouldn't have those business people sitting in the lobby and taking the seats from leisure club members. The complaints get better, there was this woman who complained about the pictures on display in the lobby because apparently, they're too dark for her taste and they make her feel depressed. They're black and white pictures for crying out loud. If you don't want them, don't look. Better yet, don't come here!

There is also this issue with my holiday. I had a holiday request that was signed off by my former Manager last April. Unfortunately, he's already resigned since and the one in charge of the department now had an about face and told me I couldn't go. She telling me this after a good eight weeks since I informed her about the request. And to make things complicated, she involved the General Manager who naturally sided with her. I will no longer have a job to come back to if I push through with my holiday, they said. Fine, was my short reply.

The next few days, I felt so sad and low. This is how they pay hard work. For more than two years I was only absent for 4 days, worked long hours and even took on a lot of responsibilities that weren't even in my job description. Friends and colleague tried to lift my spirits up by telling me that everything'll be allright and advising me to look for a new job. My former manager even sent me a text and assured me that I will definitely find a new job because I am brilliant in interviews.

God said, "Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you."

I want a new job, please.

Monday, July 14, 2008

burst the bubble

Ako ay may lobo,
Lumipad sa langit.
'Di ko na nakita
Pumutok na pala.
Sayang ang pera ko
Pambili ng lobo;
Kung pagkain sana'y
Nabusog pa ako.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


The missus is in the Philippines for a two week R & R. She arrived this morning at 0855 Manila time and at this very moment is having a grand time with her family, whom she hadn't seen for 6 months.

Nates, my brother, is currently en route to Manila. After a stint of over a year working for a UAE royal, he's coming home. He's had enough, apparently.

My nanay's youngest brother, Boni, a US-based physician is home too. He left the Philippines more than two years ago and just last week met up with my sisters and cousins. Rain made an entry about it here.

I envy. I want to go home too. And I will, come December. But dark forces are out to destroy my plans. Tamaan sana kayong lahat ng kidlat!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

a foot in the door

Hamming it up.

LOLz. Oh, Jesus! LOLz.

I met him through a friend of a friend of a friend. He told me he wanted to make a movie and he travelled all the way from the US to the Philippines to do just that. And since vanity is my second favorite sin, I wanted in. We shot for a little over 3 weeks. Most days, we started really early and finished way late. Sweated it out in a cockpit arena, chased tricycles and braved rains, we did. It was tiring but I had a blast. And after almost four years, a sneak peek.

Steven, ring me. Not! LOLz.

Sunday, July 06, 2008


Been there, done that and taken a picture of it.

For 4 years, I've been wanting to go visit the All England Club. And since the missus is here to keep me company, we travelled to SW19 for a day trip. Although we didn't get Centre court tickets, just being there in the grounds is an amazing experience. The atmosphere was very festive and everybody was really enjoying the sun, which must be noted, didn't go out until midday. Yes, it was raining Saturday morning (what do expect? This is England after all).

After a 5 year hiatus, it was a Willams' sisters final at Wimbledon yesterday and I was there to see it. Never mind that I watched the game on a big screen by Henman Hill outside Court 1. By all means it was a competitive match-up. Both sisters hit big serves and had some heavy and long exchanges.

In the end, it was Venus rising to the occassion. With 5 Wimbledon titles, she still trails Serena 5-2, in the 7 Grandslam finals against each other. Ketty and I picked Venus to win and I was kicking myself later in the day for not putting money on it. A few hours later, Serena won her own title, with the help of big sister of course. The tandem clinched their third Wimbledon doubles title. Their seventh Grandslam Doubles title in total.

The Williams' sisters are two of my favorite tennis players. You watch them not because they look great but because they play great. Every stroke and every hit they make show how incredible they are. Take Venus for example, she maybe lacking in grace but her strength and speed more than compensate for it. If power has a name, Serena is it. The Sharapovas, Ivanovics and Jancovics can only dream what the sisters have. Surely, they have the talent but they lack the aura of invincibility that makes their opponents quiver as soon as they enter the court. No other women players have that presence.

On the other hand, have you seen the men's finals between Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer? Now that's what I call, an Epic win!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

hot date

On the hottest day of the year, what's this little monkey up to? A date with my psp, inggit ka ano?