Sunday, July 27, 2008

i'm not a celebrity, but get me out of here!

All is not well at work. I am disappointed verging on angry. Everyday is a struggle getting myself to work. I hate my job! Absolutely hate it and recent events make me loathe it even more.

You try so hard to do your job effectively and yet in the end, people still think it's not good enough. What part of NO is difficult to understand? I had an argument with a guest recently about putting an extra bed in a family room. That is on top of the two single beds that are already there and an extra rollaway bed. It is an obvious fire hazard and for some reason this guest was having none of it. He wants an extra bed in that room never mind that it is not allowed. I wasn't prepared to break any laws and rules so I held my ground. I denied his request and he accused me of being a bad Duty Manager and giving the worst customer service. Well, I'm sorry if I'm just trying to protect him in case something unfortunate happens. Some people just don't get it that when you say No, it doesn't mean you just can't be bothered to do your job but because there is a Health and Safety Act of 1999 that you need to follow. I admire other those who can easily shake it off when they're being attacked personally. Most of the time I try not to get afftected but sometimes it just gets me. I feel so drained. I can't serve anymore. I am tired.

It's the same shit, just on a different day. The customer is always right my ass. Just because you pay for a room to stay in for a night does not mean you can have everything your way. Once, I got shouted at by a guest because there were no available seats in the lounge. The coffee shop was busy and this guest complained that we shouldn't have those business people sitting in the lobby and taking the seats from leisure club members. The complaints get better, there was this woman who complained about the pictures on display in the lobby because apparently, they're too dark for her taste and they make her feel depressed. They're black and white pictures for crying out loud. If you don't want them, don't look. Better yet, don't come here!

There is also this issue with my holiday. I had a holiday request that was signed off by my former Manager last April. Unfortunately, he's already resigned since and the one in charge of the department now had an about face and told me I couldn't go. She telling me this after a good eight weeks since I informed her about the request. And to make things complicated, she involved the General Manager who naturally sided with her. I will no longer have a job to come back to if I push through with my holiday, they said. Fine, was my short reply.

The next few days, I felt so sad and low. This is how they pay hard work. For more than two years I was only absent for 4 days, worked long hours and even took on a lot of responsibilities that weren't even in my job description. Friends and colleague tried to lift my spirits up by telling me that everything'll be allright and advising me to look for a new job. My former manager even sent me a text and assured me that I will definitely find a new job because I am brilliant in interviews.

God said, "Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you."

I want a new job, please.


rehabman said...

How much you will receive depends on how much you will believe.

keep the faith and keep on praying. im with you.

kikomeister said...


Bads said...

naku jay i can relate. Thousand good jobs will not be remembered and 1 mistake will be known to all, lalo na if they're good. My boss told me, i expect a lot from you even if you are new because you are a degree holder. duh...sanaa lang perfect sila.

kikomeister said...

i'm seriously thinking of clearing out my desk and leave.