Sunday, July 06, 2008


Been there, done that and taken a picture of it.

For 4 years, I've been wanting to go visit the All England Club. And since the missus is here to keep me company, we travelled to SW19 for a day trip. Although we didn't get Centre court tickets, just being there in the grounds is an amazing experience. The atmosphere was very festive and everybody was really enjoying the sun, which must be noted, didn't go out until midday. Yes, it was raining Saturday morning (what do expect? This is England after all).

After a 5 year hiatus, it was a Willams' sisters final at Wimbledon yesterday and I was there to see it. Never mind that I watched the game on a big screen by Henman Hill outside Court 1. By all means it was a competitive match-up. Both sisters hit big serves and had some heavy and long exchanges.

In the end, it was Venus rising to the occassion. With 5 Wimbledon titles, she still trails Serena 5-2, in the 7 Grandslam finals against each other. Ketty and I picked Venus to win and I was kicking myself later in the day for not putting money on it. A few hours later, Serena won her own title, with the help of big sister of course. The tandem clinched their third Wimbledon doubles title. Their seventh Grandslam Doubles title in total.

The Williams' sisters are two of my favorite tennis players. You watch them not because they look great but because they play great. Every stroke and every hit they make show how incredible they are. Take Venus for example, she maybe lacking in grace but her strength and speed more than compensate for it. If power has a name, Serena is it. The Sharapovas, Ivanovics and Jancovics can only dream what the sisters have. Surely, they have the talent but they lack the aura of invincibility that makes their opponents quiver as soon as they enter the court. No other women players have that presence.

On the other hand, have you seen the men's finals between Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer? Now that's what I call, an Epic win!


lala o-c said...

"You watch them not because they look great.."

couldn't agree more. nyahahaha!!!

bad ako?

kikomeister said...

sapul. hehehe.