Friday, February 22, 2008

mag-donate ka mag-isa mo

For weeks now, Ketty had been asking me why I haven't blogged about the NBN-ZTE scandal. Do not mistake my silence for indifference. After all the things I read and heard in the media about the issue, I was so shocked. It left me speechless. You always think that the bad guys you see in the movies are just fiction. A figment of imagination. Although on some level, I always think that it's not far fetched but I just could not fathom that the faces of evil can be so familiar. Their greed is just unimaginable. It's frigthening! Abalos and Mike A should be skinned alive.

I am mad yet confused and a bit disenchanted too. I want Gloria out of Malacanang pronto! but I also believe that the Philippines cannot afford another People Power. Especially, since the last one brought us to this tragedy that we are in now. I don't know if impeachment can work this time. The rule of law should be followed, and yet you half expect that any effort to do this will be quashed by these same monsters who masquerade as people of honor.

The other day, Kiko Pangilinan urged OFWS to donate money to whistleblowers. I couldn't help but tell myself how kapal ng mukha! Why ask us? Why don't politicians like him do it on their own. They're the ones with the pork barrel. Instead of using those millions to fund some dubious projects, why not spend it to create opportunities back home so that OFWs like me, don't have to leave the Philippines just to earn a decent living.

Kiko, katukayo pa man din kita, do your job by serving the interests of the people who voted for you. If you are indeed sincere in your call for transparency and good governance, why don't you start from your own pocket. Is that noted?

Sunday, February 17, 2008

date movie with ketty (11.02.08)

Watching Juno is like waking up in the morning beside the person you love and seeing her smile.

I like this movie to bits! A quirky comedy with a cool soundtrack too.