Friday, February 22, 2008

mag-donate ka mag-isa mo

For weeks now, Ketty had been asking me why I haven't blogged about the NBN-ZTE scandal. Do not mistake my silence for indifference. After all the things I read and heard in the media about the issue, I was so shocked. It left me speechless. You always think that the bad guys you see in the movies are just fiction. A figment of imagination. Although on some level, I always think that it's not far fetched but I just could not fathom that the faces of evil can be so familiar. Their greed is just unimaginable. It's frigthening! Abalos and Mike A should be skinned alive.

I am mad yet confused and a bit disenchanted too. I want Gloria out of Malacanang pronto! but I also believe that the Philippines cannot afford another People Power. Especially, since the last one brought us to this tragedy that we are in now. I don't know if impeachment can work this time. The rule of law should be followed, and yet you half expect that any effort to do this will be quashed by these same monsters who masquerade as people of honor.

The other day, Kiko Pangilinan urged OFWS to donate money to whistleblowers. I couldn't help but tell myself how kapal ng mukha! Why ask us? Why don't politicians like him do it on their own. They're the ones with the pork barrel. Instead of using those millions to fund some dubious projects, why not spend it to create opportunities back home so that OFWs like me, don't have to leave the Philippines just to earn a decent living.

Kiko, katukayo pa man din kita, do your job by serving the interests of the people who voted for you. If you are indeed sincere in your call for transparency and good governance, why don't you start from your own pocket. Is that noted?


Sidney said...

The problem is human greed... as you probably noticed ALL the players of this sad saga are corrupt to the bones.
I can believe in redemption but it all smells like cheap politics.

If I look deep into my "soul" I have to confess I also see greed... ;-(

To keep greed in check governments need to have strict anti corruption laws and enforce them at all levels.

kikomeister said...

enforcement of these laws is the key. and the people should be vigilant about it.

Anonymous said...

Ganda ng blog mo and i cant help but comment on some points.. nag volunteer ako sa team ni senator kiko and i've learned that he has not received his PDAF (or pork barrel) since 2006. He has allocated such budget for education projects such as scholarship and school buildings and other needs of LGUs and barangays pero hindi lumalabas ang pera dahil walang release mula sa Malacanang. Galit si GMA sa kanya dahil sa prinsipyong pinapakita nya.

As to the donations asked by senator kiko to help secure Lozada and his family, he is encouraging Filipinos to participate in protecting the truth on these issues. Corruption has long been part of the political system in this country and it's not gonna stop if we dont support principled and God-fearing leaders.

As a volunteer for 10 months, nakita ko kay senator kiko ang pagiging ma prinsipyong tao at matakutin sa Diyos. At kung di mo alam, magpasalamat ka kay senator kiko kasi ginagawan nya ng paraan yung bagong regulation ng POEA na nagpapahirap sa mga OFWs.

kikomeister said...

thank you for taking time to comment. if he indeed allocated such funds to support scholarships and build educational institutions, well and good. that's what we should expect anyway. ang pork barrel should sustain developmental projects. kung hindi ni-re-release ni gloria, that's unfortunate.

ang problema ko kasi sa call ni kiko, why should we carry the burden of protecting these so-called witnesses. government dapat ang gumagawa n'yan eh. sabihin na natin na ang excutive branch eh masama, he, on the other hand, as part of the legislative assembly (which should have unique powers and should stand independently from the other branches of the government) should spearhead these so called reforms and protection of witnesses. ang hirap kasi sa mga politico sa atin, they will call on the people to do the work that's asked of them. pag succesful, these politicos would take all the credit. pag pumalpak, kasalanan ng mga karaniwang tao. most of them are just grandstanding. as sidney pointed out sa first comment: ALL the players of this sad saga are most probably corrupt to the bones.

kung anuman ang ginawa n;ya to ease the plight of my fellow OFWs, salamat. I've no time to research, kaya pasensya.

salamat ulit sa pagsabi mong maganda ang blog ko. 'wag kang mag-alala, all natural 'yan, walang retokado. hehehe

Anonymous said...

thanks bro.. ganun talaga yun. if we want this country to move forward, we, ordinary citizens should take part in government. Remember that good governance does not work only by what is being dictated by its leaders. its the involvement of people that matters most. kaya naghihirap ang Pilipinas kasi maraming Pilipino ang puro dakdak na lang at ayaw maki-involve. dapat simulan nating makialam sa lahat ng nangyayari sa gobyerno.

in the ZTE hearings, ang purpose nun is to aid legislation. and with that, sen kiko pushed for protection of witnesses na naglalabas ng katiwalian sa gobyerno.

in this case, government officials ang involved sa controversy (even the highest official of the land). so nararapat lang na kumilos ang taong bayan para protektahan ang mga kagaya ni jun lozada.

kikomeister said...

absolutely. i agree with you that ordinary citizens like should take our elected officials accountable. and in turn tese elected officials must make true of their promise to champion to interests of their constituents.

salamat sa pagbalik. will be expecting you next time.

mschumey07 said...

The problem is the the DoJ is in charge of the witness protection program. With Raul Gonzalez at its helm, not witness against Gloria will ever be safe.

Enforcement here very selective. Notice how the likes of Nani Perez and Jocjoc Bolante continue to evade the charges hurled against them. People Power should be conducted in its purest form. The problem with the last one is that it was used to serve the ambitions of very few whose greed is unmoderated.

In the lower house, the opposition continues to be deprived of their pork. Take the case of Darlene Antonino who had to seek foreign funding for her district's projects. When floods hit San Juan City, the government did not even lift a finger to help just because JV Ejercito is its mayor. JV had to borrow money from Quezon City.

This is the sas reality in our country. The people are the ones taking the brunt of Gloria's wrath.

kikomeister said...

sana nga bilang na ang mga araw n'ya. magsama-sama silang mga kampon n'ya sa kulungan.