Friday, October 27, 2006


Next week, Ketty and I will be celebrating our first anniversary. Alhough we have not spent most of that first year together physically, we are still here. It's a lot of work. Maintaining a loving, trusting and lasting relationship when the two of you are in opposite sides of the world is really tough. There are times when the two of us wonder if it's really worth it and sometimes we are even on the verge of giving up. But our love for each other is much stronger than that and that's what keeps us to hold on.

I was telling Ketty that I've told her I love her a lot of times now and I'm beginning to run out of ways how to say it. When I woke up today, I realised that I haven't really written anything in my blog about her. And what a good idea it is to say thank you.

Mahal ko, here are some of the things I would like to thank you for.

1. Thank you for giving me the chance to fall in love again.
2. Thank you for staying up late every night so that we can talk and say goodnight to each other before we go to bed.
3. Thank you for buying my Chucks.
4. Thank you for cooking the best kare-kare.
5. Thank you for being so adorable by calling me jabee-jabee.
6. Thank you for telling me that everything's gonna be all right.
7. Thank you for being the one to make me smile again and again and again and again. . . . .
8. Thank you for trusting and believing in me.
9. Thank you for putting up with me despite me being the miserable impatient, ill-tempered, boisterous and moaning pig!
10. And lastly, as if this entry is not mushy enough, thank you for being you. You are a beautiful, smart, sexy, classy and stunning lady. And I love you not just because of that.

Thursday, October 26, 2006


A recent survey of senatoriables showed another Estrada in the top 12. JV Ejercito is the current mayor of SanJuan and is poised to take a seat in the Upper House. What is wrong with us? As I ask this question I want to cry and bawl like a kid hoping people would actually stop and consider how scary the future holds.

In 2001, I thought our love for our country was at its greatest when we drove Erap out of the palace amid blunder and corruption charges. We were hopeful to see some changes. Heck, I was more than hopeful; I was desperate. But what would happen a few months later? Well, we only elected Erap's wife, Loi Ejercito, to the Senate. I thought maybe it was just a relapse. After all, there was a lot of frenzy that year. And we are known to be carried away by our emotions most of the time. However, as if that relapse wasn't enough, we voted for Jinggoy to be in the same chamber in 2003.

I couldn't help but wonder, have we gone mad?!? Why do we subject ourselves to so much misery? Have we not put the old saying ,"Kung ano and puno; siya rin ang bunga";,to heart? Is this our way of telling God to spare us the fires of hell because we've been suffering long and hard?

My fellow men, let us please take a moment to ponder about the future. The future used to be a way for us to see the light at the end of the tunnel not a door locked without a key to open it. Next election, let us vote for someone who we think can help the country the most. People always say to vote wisely. Perhaps it's now high time to heed that advice.

The SC just junked the petition to change the Constitution. And that's something very significant because it is an affirmation that all is not lost. That after all, we are not hopeless. We may be desperate but never hopeless.


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

check this out

The Asian celebrities, I don't know. But man, Eliza Dushku, Naomi Campbell and Bridget Bardot. Hot. And River Phoenix too!

I know I'm guapo (you do realise this is my blog and I can write anything. So quit rolling your eyeballs and shut your effing mouth!), but to say that these are my celeb look-alikes is a bit too much. But anyway, this is not according to me but a website called MyHeritage. Try it. It's a lot of fun.

And yeah, on certain days and an extra fifteen minutes in the shower, I see the resemblance between me and River Phoenix. :P

one day in history

This entry is in support of this campaign.

I finished work an hour early today because I had to come in early last night. On my way home I thought what a difference a week makes. Most of the trees in my street have turned orange, brown and yellow. Some even started to shed their leaves. I am so glad Autumn's finally here. After that long and record-breaking summer, I am really looking forward to cooler temperatures because it makes my sleep during the day really pleasant.

I think, I slept just after 8am after almost two hours on the phone with Ketty. I miss her a lot. I know, it's not even 2 weeks since we last saw each other, but I miss her so much, it hurts. Mahal ko, konting tiis na lang and we'll finally be together.

When I woke up after 3PM, I felt relieved that I'm not working tonight because I get to have a day off. I then remembered I had to do some shopping today. I brushed my teeth, washed my face and changed clothes and went to the local supermarket. I bought meat, eggs, pepper, mushrooms, potatoes and carrots. After shopping, I went home straight away and did the laundry.

I turned the telly on and watch Friends. How cool is it to watch all the episodes everyday at 5pm and then at 8pm? At half seven, I had my dinner, Tinolang manok. I was stuffed.

Before writing this entry, I was hopeful that I would write about an interesting and exciting day. But now that I am about to wrap up, I can't believe how mundane and dull this day has been. But why am I complaining? It could have been worse. I could be locked up in a jail, confined in a hospital or even dead.

It's great to be alive, innit?

Sunday, October 15, 2006


A few days ago, my girlfriend asked me why I still haven't written anything about my job. I told her it's because I've nothing to say about it. I wish I were doing something like reviewing the newest resort in the Indian Ocean, or perhaps tending to injured Tapirs in South America, or even starring in the newest West End musical. Trust me, if that was the case, then you'd hear nothing else from me but my job.

I am a Night Supervisor in a four star hotel in Kent. Emphasis on the word night because although I pretty much do the same things as a normal supervisor, I, however get to deal with a diffrent breed of guests. Drunk guests. And man I hate them. Kara, one of my staff, told me that I should loosen up and just laugh at them, after all they're drunk and just having fun. Well, I am all for laughing, but when they start acting obnoxious, I get really wind up.

Excellent customer service tells you to just be patient and not take them seriously because they're not thinking clearly. And that's precisely why I can't stand them. When sober, I'm sure they are rational but once their alcohol levels reach a high point they act all stupid. And I hate it. They have a valid excuse for acting stupid. I don't. I can't smack them in the head, hit them in the gut or even scoop their eyeballs out! It really is a wonder why they haven't fired me yet. Hehehe!


Last night, my boss talked to me and told me I have to do a performance review for my 2 staff. He added, that I need to discuss with them career possiblities and a development plan for them to achieve their work goals. I like it when people ask me to do grown up things. It makes me feel responsible. But having said that, it won't stop me from moaning about my job. I mean, that's more work!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

belat- ed

It was a feeling I could not forget. On my first year in college,the UST Growling Tigers won another championship title against the La Salle Green Archers to complete it's legendary four-peat record. I, together with at least 10 of my classmates finished our finals exam in Chemistry in 15 minutes so we can rush to Araneta to catch the deciding game. Nevermind that I was just doing a Nostardamus (hula-hula ng sagot), I just wanted to get the exam done and over with so I can rally behind my school's team.

The Araneta Coliseum was packed by a multitude of gold and a throng of green supporters. It was crazy! As a probinsyano, I was ovewhelmed by the whole experience. I was excited and at the same time nervous because it was a tight game. If I'm not mistaken, it was Angelo Velasco who sealed the win for the Tigers. And when the buzzer sounded, the Thomasian community erupted into a frenzy. It was crazy!

Naturally, a year later everybody expected the Tigers to win again. But it was not to be. Year after year, the team struggled even to be in the finals. Until about a week ago.

After 10 years, the Tigers defied all the odds by defeating perennial favorites; the Ateneo Blue Eagles; and showed what champions are made of. It was indeed a Cinderella story. I'd be the first to admit, i know no one in the team because I've been away for a few years. Despite that, I salute coach Pido and the whole team for a job well done. The championship was really well deserved. Ours may not be the strongest and the best team, but you guys showed a lot of guts and fighting spirit. And for that, all Thomasians, home or away are proud of y'all!


I am such a terrible cousin for forgetting to wish one of my favorite-st cousins, Lorraine a very happy birthday! Don't worry, you'll get it all. Just not everything at the same time.


Also, best wishes to my cousin Lala and her husband, Pen who tied the knot last Sunday. May you guys live happily ever after.