Wednesday, October 11, 2006

belat- ed

It was a feeling I could not forget. On my first year in college,the UST Growling Tigers won another championship title against the La Salle Green Archers to complete it's legendary four-peat record. I, together with at least 10 of my classmates finished our finals exam in Chemistry in 15 minutes so we can rush to Araneta to catch the deciding game. Nevermind that I was just doing a Nostardamus (hula-hula ng sagot), I just wanted to get the exam done and over with so I can rally behind my school's team.

The Araneta Coliseum was packed by a multitude of gold and a throng of green supporters. It was crazy! As a probinsyano, I was ovewhelmed by the whole experience. I was excited and at the same time nervous because it was a tight game. If I'm not mistaken, it was Angelo Velasco who sealed the win for the Tigers. And when the buzzer sounded, the Thomasian community erupted into a frenzy. It was crazy!

Naturally, a year later everybody expected the Tigers to win again. But it was not to be. Year after year, the team struggled even to be in the finals. Until about a week ago.

After 10 years, the Tigers defied all the odds by defeating perennial favorites; the Ateneo Blue Eagles; and showed what champions are made of. It was indeed a Cinderella story. I'd be the first to admit, i know no one in the team because I've been away for a few years. Despite that, I salute coach Pido and the whole team for a job well done. The championship was really well deserved. Ours may not be the strongest and the best team, but you guys showed a lot of guts and fighting spirit. And for that, all Thomasians, home or away are proud of y'all!


I am such a terrible cousin for forgetting to wish one of my favorite-st cousins, Lorraine a very happy birthday! Don't worry, you'll get it all. Just not everything at the same time.


Also, best wishes to my cousin Lala and her husband, Pen who tied the knot last Sunday. May you guys live happily ever after.

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