Thursday, October 26, 2006


A recent survey of senatoriables showed another Estrada in the top 12. JV Ejercito is the current mayor of SanJuan and is poised to take a seat in the Upper House. What is wrong with us? As I ask this question I want to cry and bawl like a kid hoping people would actually stop and consider how scary the future holds.

In 2001, I thought our love for our country was at its greatest when we drove Erap out of the palace amid blunder and corruption charges. We were hopeful to see some changes. Heck, I was more than hopeful; I was desperate. But what would happen a few months later? Well, we only elected Erap's wife, Loi Ejercito, to the Senate. I thought maybe it was just a relapse. After all, there was a lot of frenzy that year. And we are known to be carried away by our emotions most of the time. However, as if that relapse wasn't enough, we voted for Jinggoy to be in the same chamber in 2003.

I couldn't help but wonder, have we gone mad?!? Why do we subject ourselves to so much misery? Have we not put the old saying ,"Kung ano and puno; siya rin ang bunga";,to heart? Is this our way of telling God to spare us the fires of hell because we've been suffering long and hard?

My fellow men, let us please take a moment to ponder about the future. The future used to be a way for us to see the light at the end of the tunnel not a door locked without a key to open it. Next election, let us vote for someone who we think can help the country the most. People always say to vote wisely. Perhaps it's now high time to heed that advice.

The SC just junked the petition to change the Constitution. And that's something very significant because it is an affirmation that all is not lost. That after all, we are not hopeless. We may be desperate but never hopeless.


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