Tuesday, December 30, 2008

airline potpourri

Fact 1: I love airline food. There maybe nothing special about them but still, dishes served on flights always leave me fulfilled and satisfied. Perhaps it's the fact that there really is no alternative when you're 30,000 feet above ground. It's either that or you wait till you get to the next airport. Which is not really worth looking forward to since choices at any airports are always fast food anyway. Nevertheless, I always finish everything on my tray. Except the chocolates because I find their smell repulsive.

Here are pictures of what I had when I travelled from London Heathrow terminal III to Manila's NAIA terminal I and back.

Did I tell you there were two stops? First in Bangkok Suvarnabhumi (though massive, it looked eerily like an insect. A giant caterpillar or a huge dragonfly, I can't seem to figure out what exactly) to refuel and in Kuwait where I transferred to a different plane. Fact 2: the international airport in Kuwait, not so nice (Mas lamang lang ng isang paligo sa NAIA). It's dated and small. And freezing too! Also, I hated that people can just smoke freely anywhere, disregarding the polite notice to smoke in designated areas.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

ang disyembre ko ay malungkot

For the fifth time this year, I'll be missing in action from this place.

My entire family spends Christmas in this shack. It has become a yearly tradition ever since my grandparents passed away. On Christmas day, every family (mother's side) come together for lunch and pretty much spends the whole day at my tito and tita's beachfront property. Each one brings a dish or two which we share. Devour actually is the right word. It is my family after all, we don't eat the food on the table, we attack them with reckless abandon.

Anyway, I'll be off to work in a few. In fact, I'll be spending my couple of days at the hotel because the management needs somebody senior to look after the team whilst most of the them are away for the holidays. I'll be the one in-charge, so to speak. How exciting! Not.

Merry Christmas y'all! Hope yours doesn't suck like mine.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


This was taken from my parents' backyard.

And this is what I submitted in the Phography Corner's 2008 Photograph of the Year contest. Photography Corner is a leading photography resource for the photographer or hobbyist, forums where you can read up on photography product reviews or discuss the latest photography news, talk to others with similar interests and start meeting people with similar interests. Photography Corner site includes a member-written articles, an active photography forum, photography tutorials, equipment & product reviews, photography projects, monthly contests with great prizes, a photography blog, photo galleries and more!

I'm neither a photographer nor a hobbyist. I just happen to capture some pretty decent photographs sometimes. And most of time, I just literally point and shoot. Like when I captured that picture above. So most of the credit should go to Ketty's very good camera and my hometown's beautiful landscape (riverscape, for that matter). By the way, I haven't touched that photograph. Just shows how amateur I am.

Monday, December 22, 2008

life's a b*tch

The four times I was at the beach, it rained heavily. Every fricking day!

Mactan Island

Laya Beach

Pandan Grande Island


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

7teen of December

I begged off work today because I'm still feeling rough. My 4 week trip at home left me knackered to the bone and it didn't help that I travelled for almost 28 hours on my way back here.

Although a month long vacation may seem enough to bond with family and friends, run errands, attend occassions and do a bit of R & R, it's not. Oftentimes, I found my self cramming and naghahabol ng oras. I really should've listened to Ketty about putting everything in order by planning efficiently.

Anyway, it's the missus' birthday today. I know you know how it pains me that I'm not there by your side to celebrate this special day with you. Don't be sad because you're still better off than him.

Happy birthday, my sweet!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

back to reality

I'm back in England. And Boo wasn't kidding. It's bloody freezing!

To the 7 people who visit my blog regularly and wonder why I haven't updated this blog for a while, it's because I was in the Philippines for a month. It was a long break and still wasn't enough. Nevertheless, I enjoyed every single day of it.
I'll tell you more about what I did whilst I was there as I plod along. For now, I'll go back to bed and think of this.

I miss you already.