Wednesday, December 24, 2008

ang disyembre ko ay malungkot

For the fifth time this year, I'll be missing in action from this place.

My entire family spends Christmas in this shack. It has become a yearly tradition ever since my grandparents passed away. On Christmas day, every family (mother's side) come together for lunch and pretty much spends the whole day at my tito and tita's beachfront property. Each one brings a dish or two which we share. Devour actually is the right word. It is my family after all, we don't eat the food on the table, we attack them with reckless abandon.

Anyway, I'll be off to work in a few. In fact, I'll be spending my couple of days at the hotel because the management needs somebody senior to look after the team whilst most of the them are away for the holidays. I'll be the one in-charge, so to speak. How exciting! Not.

Merry Christmas y'all! Hope yours doesn't suck like mine.


lala o-c said...

we weren't there, too. happy birthday! ang mga kaserola ko ha!

kikomeister said...

tenchu. oo, nakalista na. hehehe

bads said...

ako rin wala..i miss our good old days and our midland family, especially you my fave cuz!

kikomeister said...

aww. mishu too. hope you have a grand time there. and hope you feel better soon.