Tuesday, December 23, 2008


This was taken from my parents' backyard.

And this is what I submitted in the Phography Corner's 2008 Photograph of the Year contest. Photography Corner is a leading photography resource for the photographer or hobbyist, forums where you can read up on photography product reviews or discuss the latest photography news, talk to others with similar interests and start meeting people with similar interests. Photography Corner site includes a member-written articles, an active photography forum, photography tutorials, equipment & product reviews, photography projects, monthly contests with great prizes, a photography blog, photo galleries and more!

I'm neither a photographer nor a hobbyist. I just happen to capture some pretty decent photographs sometimes. And most of time, I just literally point and shoot. Like when I captured that picture above. So most of the credit should go to Ketty's very good camera and my hometown's beautiful landscape (riverscape, for that matter). By the way, I haven't touched that photograph. Just shows how amateur I am.


lala o-c said...

this is where you go feeesshing! sorry, couldn't let that one go.


kikomeister said...

and sweeeening!