Sunday, October 15, 2006


A few days ago, my girlfriend asked me why I still haven't written anything about my job. I told her it's because I've nothing to say about it. I wish I were doing something like reviewing the newest resort in the Indian Ocean, or perhaps tending to injured Tapirs in South America, or even starring in the newest West End musical. Trust me, if that was the case, then you'd hear nothing else from me but my job.

I am a Night Supervisor in a four star hotel in Kent. Emphasis on the word night because although I pretty much do the same things as a normal supervisor, I, however get to deal with a diffrent breed of guests. Drunk guests. And man I hate them. Kara, one of my staff, told me that I should loosen up and just laugh at them, after all they're drunk and just having fun. Well, I am all for laughing, but when they start acting obnoxious, I get really wind up.

Excellent customer service tells you to just be patient and not take them seriously because they're not thinking clearly. And that's precisely why I can't stand them. When sober, I'm sure they are rational but once their alcohol levels reach a high point they act all stupid. And I hate it. They have a valid excuse for acting stupid. I don't. I can't smack them in the head, hit them in the gut or even scoop their eyeballs out! It really is a wonder why they haven't fired me yet. Hehehe!


Last night, my boss talked to me and told me I have to do a performance review for my 2 staff. He added, that I need to discuss with them career possiblities and a development plan for them to achieve their work goals. I like it when people ask me to do grown up things. It makes me feel responsible. But having said that, it won't stop me from moaning about my job. I mean, that's more work!

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