Thursday, July 10, 2008

a foot in the door

Hamming it up.

LOLz. Oh, Jesus! LOLz.

I met him through a friend of a friend of a friend. He told me he wanted to make a movie and he travelled all the way from the US to the Philippines to do just that. And since vanity is my second favorite sin, I wanted in. We shot for a little over 3 weeks. Most days, we started really early and finished way late. Sweated it out in a cockpit arena, chased tricycles and braved rains, we did. It was tiring but I had a blast. And after almost four years, a sneak peek.

Steven, ring me. Not! LOLz.


lala o-c said...


ito ang tipong hindi mo maipagkakaila pagdating ng panahon. may ibidinsya ser!

a foot in the door? more like a foot on the grave. wahahahaha!

what's the gameplan?


kikomeister said...

the game plan is to work harder so i can have more money to pay for acting worshops.