Monday, August 20, 2007

a tale of two ninoys

Ninoy's, my beloved laptop, hard drive is knackered. HP Support quoted me a whopping 280 quid to have it fixed. That's a ridiculous amount considering I only paid £400, inc. taxes, (my girlfriend bought it on sale in the States 16 months ago) for this notebook. Since I'm not insane enough to pay that exhorbitant fee, I'm still looking for a decent hard drive at a reasonable price in local stores. Getting a brand new notebook is out of the question, at the moment, because I don't think I'll be able to say goodbye to Ninoy just yet. He is my first, you see.


Twenty-four years ago, Ninoy; not the laptop but the hero (and still beloved nevertheless); was assassinated upon returning home from exile in the US. His death and sacrifice started a revolution which resulted in the overthrowing of a tyrant. In commemoration of his death; I want to dedicate this entry to one of the greatest Filipinos. Ninoy, you will never be forgotten.

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