Saturday, May 03, 2008

getting a head

Today, I asked Ketty to give me a head. She refused with tremendous vehemence. So I bought myself one.

The missus, together with her two friends, travelled all the way from Leicester to Ashford to do some shopping. And since I'm only half an hour away from the outlet stores, she politely asked me to help them. Help, by the way, means carrying their huge and many shopping bags. What is it with women and shopping? Some girls are unreal. Take Jane (sorry Jane, good sport ka naman 'di ba? hehehe), for example, she purchased so many bags that I was joking her that she is just one bag less to buy the entire fall collection (all colors!). It was quite funny watching the three of them get excited whenever they see red posters with these bold letters written on it: CLEARANCE or SALE or 50% off- in the stores.

Anyway, the head is a pair of white trainers that I got from Clarks. On sale at £19.00 with an extra £5.00 off, it's a good bargain. I wasn't really planning on buying, but the energy from the girls must've rubbed on me so I decided to get them. Plus, carrying those big sacks of shopping wore me down. A little retail therapy was well deserved. Size 10. It fits to a T. Although, half an inch more would've been perfect, but unfortunately, that was the last size.

It's okay though, I can always buy thin socks next time.

Pepito giving my head a try.

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