Thursday, September 10, 2009

kid says the darndest thing

This afternoon, a little girl made me laugh and, I must admit, made my day. I was behind the front desk when she walked into the lobby with her mum. And the minute she stepped in, she squealed, "Look mum, it's Harry Potter!" Her eyes wide in awe and with her finger pointing at me, she was so adorable.

Her mum looked at me, chuckled, and grabbed her daughter's hand as they made their way to the leisure club. I looked at the receptionist with me at the time, and she was in stitches. I laughed my head off. "I was really going for Clark Kent. But Harry Potter? I can live with that.", I said to her. We couldn't stop laughing.

Kids really say the darndest things. Hehehe.


Sidney said...

Oh... you are a Harry Potter look alike!
Lucky you... you could have been Frankenstein...

kikomeister said...

I know. hehehe. But I don't look like him. Far from it. It was the specs. Definitely the specs. hehehehe