Monday, April 26, 2010


We had an 82 year old woman stay at the hotel last weekend. She, actually, has been staying with us every Friday to Monday for the last month because the hotel, apparently, has good facilities and provides solid service.

On check out today, she said to me, "I am old. In fact, I feel ancient. I am blind and deaf! Why don't I just die?"


Sidney said...

This is sad!

kikomeister said...

for an 82 year old, she's actually very sharp.

a bit sad, yeah.

boo said...

awww. wawa. i bet she wouldn't have had to stay in hotels so often if she had family around her, who loved her and took care of her. I'm so glad our culture 'dictates' otherwise. Or, maybe we just love our parents like no other.

kikomeister said...

i think she stays at the hotel because she's lonely.

she's back by the way since it's the long weekend.