Monday, May 17, 2010

weekend mayhem

I have at least half a dozen bruises all over my body, a couple of bumps on my head and my legs hurt like hell.

Last Saturday, I went paintballing with 6 of my friends. It was a lad's day out - a group of "young" blokes from work go out every now and again to get a break from our sad little jobs. This was the first time we had done something physical, apart from chugging down pints of lager, and the experience was nothing short of brilliant. We spent the whole day running, ducking, shooting, getting shot and having a good laugh.

My mother, bless her, nearly fell off a chair when I told her that I was hit by a gun last weekend. Paintball gun that is. But even then, she still couldn't understand what it was and was proper telling me off. Good thing my sisters were with her and had to explain to her that it was just some "harmless" fun young people do.

Here's a photo of the nastiest battle scar. It hurts but I would definitely do it again. How was your weekend?

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