Tuesday, July 20, 2010


If you're thinking of going to a place you've never been before, you know, for an exciting adventure, make Sablayan your destination. "Seated at the heart of Occidental Mindoro, this first class municipality is endowed with nature’s blessings making us the province’ top destination of local and foreign tourists."

Don't worry about the accommodation because I have the perfect place in mind for you to stay in whilst you are there. La Sofia Appartelle is your home away from home.

La Sofia, named after my maternal grandmother is our ancestral home. After my lola's death more than a decade ago, my mother with her siblings, being the enterprising Batangueños that they are, decided to convert the house into a lodging facility. There are 18 budget friendly rooms available (single, double and family) and most of them are fitted with air conditioners. A stay in cook is also at hand to cater to guests' dining requirements. It is also located in a prime spot and is only minutes away to pretty much everything including the market, church, hospital, schools, museum, tennis court, the hills, tropical virgin forest, a cave and most specially the beach. The beach is the South China sea no less!

Should you decide to stay there, please keep this in mind: Credit is good but we need cash.

For details of your Sablayan adventure, please click here.

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