Tuesday, August 03, 2010

tate modern

Of all the attractions in the British Isles, Tate Modern is my favorite. The Tate Modern in London is the UK's national museum of international modern art. The galleries are housed in the former Bankside Power Station, designed and built after the Second World War.
Works of international modern and contemporary art dating from 1900 onwards make up the collection.

Because it's a huge facility, the museum is divided into several galleries on the buildings 5 floors. The Tate Collection is on display on levels three and five, whilst level four is reserved for large temporary exhibitions and a small exhibition space on level two is allotted for works of contemporary artists.

Yesterday, I visited it again after picking up my new passport at the Philippine Embassy. I only spent not more than 90 minutes because it was already late afternoon when I got there and yet I ended up with almost 300 photos. It's great that visitors are now allowed to take pictures because the last time I was there with Ketty about 4 years ago, it was still prohibited.

I have to break this entry in parts. Here's the first batch of photos.

I could live here.

But I have to do something about this wall.

Not digging the bubblegum on acid look.

And maybe change the statues at the altar.

How's this for the laundry room?

The Venus of the Rags is beautiful.

This one's titled White Spring.

Perfect in my kitchen because it reminds me of breakfast.

Speaking of breakfast, here's a Francis Bacon.

And another one of his called Triptych.

Marvel at Matisse.

In case you're wondering who he is, this is him.

White Field. Mixed media. A relief using hundreds of nails. Ingenious.

There's an exhibition about voyeurism, surveillance and the camera.

Do you agree?

Me channeling Big Brother. I'd have this framed someday.

This one's rather curious.

Of course it's not just some random cctv footage. There's a fox roaming the halls of the museum!

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