Friday, December 03, 2010

dear mr. president

I didn't vote last election so I shouldn't really complain but I just have to say this. Nonoy, it seems to me you are more interested in running after skirts than running the country. Please get your act together, there are more important matters you have to attend to. Napaglipasan ka na ng panahon. In short matandang binata ka na. 6 years from now, "matandang binata ka pa rin". So why don't you just wait till then. In the meantime, do not disappoint the majority of Pinoys I know who voted for you. Fix the Economy, Alleaviate Poverty, Curb Corruption, Develop Infrastructure, Provide decent Healthcare and Strengthen the Education System. Not necessarily in that order but you know what I mean.

I thank you.


Liz of Manila said...

I couldn't agree more. Seems like he's taking the presidency trivially.

kikomeister said...

honga. papogi ng papogi, hindi nman pogi.