Friday, January 14, 2011

pepito in the city

The monkey has landed in the Isle of Dogs six years after he set foot on this country.

The new year brought along a new job in Britain's financial hub. And whilst this is far from my ideal job, this is a start. Some of the world's most amazing success stories began at the bottom of the pit, you know? Case in point, ex-President Vicente Fox of Mexico drove a delivery truck in his first job at Coca Cola. Eventually, he went on to become the supervisor of Coca-Cola's operations, and later in all of Latin America.

Canary Wharf looks stunning in winter. This area of London is just cool. It looks like a sci-fi movie. In fact, try riding the DLR and as you approach the Canary Wharf station, tell me it doesn't feel and look like Gotham.

Proof that he is definitely a true blue Londoner. An oyster card!

Basil King said: "Be bold and the mighty forces will come to your aid."

London better be ready because I am going for my destiny. Brace yourself.

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