Sunday, February 06, 2011

any movie, any time

Align CentreI am chuffed!
Because I am not one to pass on a good deal, I signed up for a Cineworld Unlimited card. For £13.50 a month (a movie ticket usually costs £8), it is the ultimate movie lover's card where you get to experience unlimited tears, unlimited horror, unlimited laughter, unlimited fear.

Going to the cinema is one of my favorite things. It is also one of the million and one things I miss back home where a movie ticket is, still, cheaper. And this sweet little thing is just the answer to my homesickness.

Get this, in the last 2 days I have seen more movies than I have in the last year. So yeah, I went to see 127 Hours, Black Swan, Rabbit Hole and The Fighter. Amongst the four, kay Ana, ako napatingin (lame? eh, can't help it. hehehe) I enjoyed The Fighter the most. It is a stirring tale of a small town boxer whose reputation as just a stepping stone prompted him to work hard and make his way to the top. Predictable, yes but worth seeing because of the outstanding performances especially from the supporting cast.

Christian Bale as a washed-up boxer, sullied by drug addiction, and Melissa Leo as the white trash mother are breathtaking. It is easy to make someone look dirty and filthy in pictures but these two actually reeked of filth, you can smell the rotten stench of their characters beyond the celluloid. You root for Mark Walhberg's (he had Pacquiao in mind when doing this role) Mickey because you feel sorry for him for having a crackhead for a brother and a crazy skank for mother.

The Fighter is a compelling film, with drama, comedy and some really good fights!

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Anonymous said...

Do you just flash your card or do they take it and put it in a machine, mainly I want to know that if i get this card at 17 can I still sneak into 18s or will the card tell them?