Saturday, December 22, 2007

do not judge me, i'm not a book

Christmas, they say is best celebrated snug in the bosom of loved ones. Since the missus and all my family and most friends are back home, Christmas this year will pretty much suck. For one, I'll be stuck at work. Which is really my fault because I told them I won't mind. Eh kasi naman, I've been told I can't go home this year since I was off for 5 weeks around this time last year. Besides, I'd rather keep my mind off this Xmas thing by working other than staying at home and moping because I'm having a blue Christmas.

Anyway, since I'll be pretty much on my own this holiday season, my secret Santa thought it would be a wicked idea to give me company. An instant inflatable "perfect" woman, at least that's what the box says.

She fulfills all the exacting criteria of any red blooded male, by having the most important physical attributes, guaranteed to delight every man who ever sees her and ensuring harmony at home.

And she even has Big Tits! Now, there goes the bosom where I can spread the holiday cheer.

He! He! He! Merry Christmas y'all!


mschumey07 said...

Hi anak, A blessed Christmas and a fruitful New Year! Just bear in mind that we all care and wish you were home for the holidays. Have fun with your new companion.

kikomeister said...

salamat 'tay. best wishes to you and all your family.