Thursday, December 06, 2007

mabilis lang 'to. parang si-me-co.

* I have yet to hear a Christmas carol this year. If I were in the Philippines, this wouldn't have been a problem since some radio stations play the first Christmas carol on the 1st of September.

* Have you tried eating beer-battered chips? It's the bomb!

* Go for glory. To the Filipino athletes competing in the 24th Southeast Asian Games in Thailand, goodluck.

* GMA gets Medalla de Oro for defending human rights. They must be having a laugh?!?!

* Teatro Tomasino - the university-wide theatre guild of UST- will be staging "Twosome" at the Albertus Magnus auditorium on December 11 and 12. This twinbill production features Chris Martinez' "Welcome to Intelstar" and Wilfrido Ma. Guerrero's "Wanted: Chaperon" both directed by John Lapus.

* The Manila Ocean Park is already open. Have any of you been there yet? Any good?

* Finally saw Les Miz in West End. Ketty and I queued up three times (the last one at least for 30 minutes in bitter weather) to get tickets. Apparently, that weekend was very busy. The guy at the box office even told us how lucky we were to get tickets as the show was sold out. Unfortunately, the seats weren't together and with restricted view. It was a good show though. The performances were remarkable. Joanna Ampil's portrayal of Fantine was spot on. Her "I dreamed a dream" number was stirring.

* Did you know that we have to pay for a TV license here in the UK? A colour TV Licence costs £135.50 and a black and white licence costs £45.50. And you'd think they'll produce quality shows after that. Not!

* "Jack Bauer" begins his 48-day prison sentence. 48 divided by 2 is 24. Wala lang.

* Don't forget to switch off the lights when not in use.


Sidney said...

I am already bored of Christmas... ;-)

Anyway, in the spirit of joy I already wish you a happy Christmas...

kikomeister said...

thank you. and to you too.

mschumey07 said...

Beer battered-chips? Sounds good. Yup, Christmas song are playing. You can hear street children singing to drivers everywhere. I suppose its really Christmas as I see more beggars in the streets. Its Christmas again as we are busy stacking up to cook food for those who live in "karitons" for their Christmas meal.

Its Christmas here, anak. I'm glad you got to see Les Miz. I have yet to visit Ocean Park. I hope its better than the ones in HK and Singapore.

As for Gloria's award, well...enough said. Ingat ka diyan.

kikomeister said...

iba 'yung texture, paarang hindi patatas. basta ang saraap.

salamat, 'tay. ingaat din kayo.