Friday, April 11, 2008

a job is hard because it's work

The boss left last Friday. He's gone for pastures new and is now the GM for a Holiday Inn in Canterbury. I will miss the guy, he's treated me well and good always and although I am sad that he left, I know he's moving on to better things. With a baby on the way, he certainly deserved that break. All the best, man!


My manager is not the only one who's left the company recently. The Friday before last, the Operations Manager bid farewell to the hotel as well. Before him, it was the Night Auditor. Today, the HR Manager and Maintenance Manager also said their goodbyes. When we gathered this afternoon to wish them good luck, I commented that it's becoming a Friday habit. And the others couldn't agree more.

Incidentally, one of the Team Leaders from the pub will also leave the hotel tomorrow. And a C & B Team Leader will say goodbye in two weeks.


Two members of the team came up to me recently and told me how they enjoy doing the shift with me. Working with me, they say, is always relaxing and easy. It should be like that, I said. That's the least I could do. It's bad enough that I'm working, might as well make it as easy and smooth sailing as possible. I will still do my job, don't get me wrong. After all, it's still work and that's how I earn my keep. But you can bet I'll take it easy with less stress and no pressure as much as possible.

One of them said, I've got the right attitude and should make a good manager. Although flattered, I said never. With the manager's position available, my ex-boss's right hand and a fellow super are in a squabble for the post. And it's getting uglier by the day.

The missus asked me last week why I didn't apply. I am more than qualified, I know, and the money seems good, which probably is. But I just don't want to. Taking on a much bigger responsibility for a job than I don't even like is something I'm not prepared to do. I know it sounds childish but I'd rather stay where I am right now. As a super, I still get enough to take Ketty to fancy restaurants every once in a while and more importantly, I still have the power to fire people.

I know, sooner or later, I have to grow up and take on a bigger responsibility. Eventually, I will play a mature role. Make adult decisions not only for myself but for others as well. I will be a slave to my job. And I won't mind because it will be something that I like to do. It's the idealist in me. There are far more important things than money in this world; find something that you enjoy doing and everything will be alright. At least that's what they say. For now, let me just enjoy my extended adolescence.


rehabman said...

I am happy for you for having such a wonderful workplace. While you enjoy your job I am stuck here - right in the middle of nowhere; not knowing when will my employer and co-workers appreciate and treat me the way I should be treated. I am proud of you Jay. All the best to your colleagues! *Cheers*

kikomeister said...

ngekk! wonderful would be the last word i'd use to describe my job.

stop moaning. at least we're not a stastic (,philippine-unemployment-rate-rises-to-74-per-cent-in-january.html)

thanks anyway.

Sidney said...

You are right... wait till your time come to shine in the spotlight... wait till you are ready...
Money is definitely not everything in life!