Wednesday, April 23, 2008

wednesday potpourri

After four months, I'm back in the graveyard. For nine straight nights, I'll be covering the graveyard shift. The powers that be decided to sever ties with one of the newly hired night auditors. He's underforming and has a hard time listening to other people. Been busy doing some chores that the big boss left that's why I haven't even noticed how he's getting on. The other supers and I will be covering the lost shift alternately every week. It sucks because until we find a new guy, will be doing it for awhile.

I haven't told you this but moving to days had been one of the best career decisions I ever made. Although it's still shift work, I get to do more things on work days. Yes, the politics is unbelievable and I still haven't learned the art of sucking up but whatever.


My favorite inaanak, Yuan, made it to the Ateneo. Attaboy!


Called Nanay last week and was told that she's off to Cebu next month to attend a DMI convention. And my two sisters will be tagging along. I envy. I desperately need a break from work.


I'll be celebrating my two years at work tomorrow. This is the longest I've been in a job. Mind you, I only had two others before this. And yes, I still don't like it.


Had a haircut last Saturday. It's amazing how cutting three inches of hair can make me look 10 years younger. Okay, 5 years. No? 2 years then.


Sidney said...

Night time is an interesting part of the day... you might meet ghosts...;-)

But I agree it is not fun to work during the nights and sleep during the day.

Congrats to your godson !

kikomeister said...


i hated my 1st night shift in months. and it didn't help that i didn't get a good sleep today. it's getting warm and since i don't have and a/c (like most houses in the uk), it was very uncomfortable