Friday, August 29, 2008

hard work

I am absolutely knackered. And pissed off too! I spent 8 and a half hours of my work time today trying to sort out the mess that some people at work had made. I've been shouted at and threatened not because I was at fault but because of the stupid people that I worked with.

In the end, I managed to sort things out for today. Tomorrow, however, is another story. I want to be sick.


lala o-c said...

be careful what you wish for...kung matinik ay malalim.

kikomeister said...

i'm so glad the weekend's over.

milai said...

i can absolutely relate to your post i thought you were writing about my former company. lol.

tagalinis ng kalat ng iba. ang hirap maging responsable at efficient minsan, no? ;)


am just glad i now found my niche in my current company.

best of luck po. may tiempo lang talagang bad trip minsan sa workplace. :)

kikomeister said...

hay talaga naman, a job is hard because it's work.

thanks for dropping by.