Friday, January 30, 2009

batalla épica

World numero uno, Rafael Nadal beat Fernando Verdasco in the Australian Open semi-final. The two Spaniards (both lefties) went at each other for 5 hours and 14 minutes, the longest in the tournament's history.

It was one of the greatest tennis battles I've seen. The classic match was filled with long rallies, stupendous winners and tremendous athleticism from both players. And although you expect nothing but the best from Nadal, Verdasco proved that he is definitely in the same league. The latter produced 95 clean winners and was the only player to take sets off from the mighty Iberian.

Nadal will meet Roger Federer, who is seeking to tie Pete Sampras' record of 14 grandslam titles, in the finals. Nates, made it clear who he's rooting for. I, on the other hand, will put my money on Rafa. He's most definitely drained, tired and sore but I believe in his unbelievable tenacity and amazing skills.

And with shots like this, he certainly deserves it.

Verdasco could've thrown a sink at Rafa and the latter would still find a way to send it back to him!


Sidney said...

I agree...Nadal is an amazing tennis man! Although I must confess I am equally impressed by Federer.
So may the best win :-)

kikomeister said...

I'll miss the match on tv as i will be at work tomorrow morning but i will certainly follow it through the net.

yeah, federer is great but i'm really rooting for nadal.