Sunday, July 05, 2009


The outcome was the inevitable but getting there was definitely an amazing surprise. Roger Federer's history making win was nothing short of a classic.

Federer had to work hard for more than 4 hours to seal the victory against Roddick which was contrary to what experts predicted. Pundits expected annihilation from Roger but it didn't come. Instead spectators were treated to a marathon match as the two players matched each other's shots, strides and massive serves.

ARod, the runner-up, played the match of his life and he still came up second best. And I feel sorry for him because the 5 set thriller is dramatic proof how he worked hard to be there. A lot of people already dismissed him and said he was already done and yet he kept on fighting. He displayed a tremendous amount of resilience most especially after the disappointment in the second set. Deep down in mind I know Federer was going to win but as the match progressed, Roddick pulled enough tricks to make one think that he could pull a Nadal. And I'm sure the 15000 people inside the Centre Court wouldn't have minded. But alas, it wasn't meant to be.

Roddick sure had a few chances, especially in the second and a couple more in the last set but Federer was just too good and produced big shots when it mattered. It just goes to show what sort of player Roger Federer is. He is a true champion and unbelievable player; and his latest win further bolsters his argument for Greatest Of All-Time status. Congratulations.

And to Roddick, a big hand. I hope he wins another title in the future. History proves that the brave is always rewarded, perhaps not today but hopefully soon.

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