Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Kris Aquino summed it up beautifully, "How do I find the words to say goodbye? Paano bang magpaalam na alam ng puso mo na hindi pa rin sapat ang panahong ibinahagi sa 'yo ng Diyos?"

Filipinos from the world over mourned the loss of our beloved president. And the whole world felt our grief. They offered kind words to honor Corazon Aquino's memory. These tributes have been a source of comfort and acceptance in times of our sorrow. This is specially true for me. Reading their recognition and appreciation for our Mother made me very proud I am a Filipino.

Here are a few of them:

"... she was quiet but articulate; committed to non-violence; insistent that dictatorship should be replaced by democracy." -- the UK Times

" ... the first female holder of the post in the Philippines – Aquino can best be remembered for her noble fight to restore democracy and the systematic dismantling of the worst abuses of dictatorship." -- The Guardian

" ... she left a mark on the history of her troubled country, so deep and so lasting that her death will bring a surge of emotion as the heady days of the short but memorable Aquino era are reassessed." -- the Independent

" The quietly spoken lady in yellow, later described in an official biography as “homemaker, widow, reluctant candidate and elected leader of the Philippines” had come to represent oppressed people's aspirations for freedom across the globe..." -- The Financial Times

" ... went on to gain a worldwide reputation as a fighter for peace and democracy" -- BBC

" It was a fairy-tale revolution that gripped the world and Aquino was hailed as a modern-day Joan of Arc." -- Sky

" Cory Aquino rose above the bureaucratic procrastination that had always bogged it down, reminding her people that they once astonished the world with their bravery — and that they could do it again." -- Time

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