Saturday, April 09, 2011


Personally, I much prefer music from the 60's and the 70's. I remember my Tatay playing his records on full blast to get me and my siblings up and out of bed for school. The Beach Boys, The Beatles, the Carpenters, Abba, Elvis and some of the artists of Motown served as our alarm clock each morning. Their incredible songs were a great start to my day. Eventually, I got acquainted to Johnny Cash, The Who, Billy Joel, Elton John and other amazing artists from that era.

Which is why I don't really know much about today's music. Most of the artists now, I don't get. I even asked Ketty, "Why is everyone gaga over Gaga?". But this is not a critique on contemporary sound. You see, I don't even have a radio in my flat. Never had one since I moved to the UK and I've stopped watching MTV for almost a decade now. Everything changed when I started my not-so-new-job in London. They play FM in the office. And now, I know the Top 40.

There's one particular song that caught my ear at the moment. The funny thing is, this tune ain't exactly new. I learned today it was released in November last year. Anyway, Grenade by Bruno Mars is one heck of a song. Full of melancholic melody and its lyrics brimming with angst and despondency, the song is brilliantly composed. And to make it even more hauntingly poignant, the half-Pinoy(!) kills it with stunning vocals.

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