Tuesday, June 12, 2007

solilokiya sa likod ng pulang telon 1.0

Theatre makes me disappear. For half an hour or so, it's as if I don't exist. I become a different person. I look and sound like me but it's not really me. I assume a character that's not my own. I have a new story. I am another person. And I love it.

The experience albeit temporarily gives me a chance to go away and at the same time, forget. My problems don't matter anymore. There on stage, my personal troubles can't hound me. They don't exist. I feel so powerful. And I feel absolute freedom!

But just like in real life, these things come to an end. The sounds fade and the lights go out. Finally, the curtains draw to a close. I run to the centre of the stage to take a bow. And suddenly I hear it. The sound of two hands coming together. A clap that eventually turns in to applause. And it is at this very moment that I realise how fortunate I am to be me.

I so miss it.

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