Wednesday, November 28, 2007

chow king

The following are not pictures of the buffet tables. These are some photos of the plates of food that I ate in the last two weeks. To say that I went on a food binge would be an understatement. Gano'n yata talaga, you eat everything when you're inspired (and tired *wink-wink*).

To Ketty, thank you. Your company made those lovely meals even more beautiful. I look forward to all the meals we'll share in the future.

Me and my big mouth.It's no wonder I ate them all. And oh, just so you know, it's not the only big thing about me.

*** Bear in mind that I didn't take photos of the food I ate at home and in fast food outlets.


Sidney said...

Wow! And you don't look fat!
Funny self-portrait ! Glad to meet you !

kikomeister said...

that's one special thing about me. hehe. thanks

carlosceldran said...

Hi there! It's carlos. Just wondering if I can bother you for the contact of your friend frannie? Id like to ask him if its ok for me to get a copy of the tvc on his site.

Thanks kikomeister.

Cheers bro.

kikomeister said...

hi carlos,

here's the link to his multiply site:

you can even contact him through ym and/or skype. his username is franny_ye.

mschumey07 said...

Another ruined diet. Your entry made me so hungry.

kikomeister said...

bundat nga ako!