Wednesday, November 21, 2007

kentish potpourri

I saw more of Kent this week than in the past 18 months since I moved here from Berkshire. The missus and I visited a few tourist towns in the Kent countryside this week. We would've seen more if not for the horrible rainy weather we had since Saturday.


Going around in the UK is not as difficult as in other countries. You don't have to drive to move from one place to the next. Unlike in the States where a car is essential for travel, here all you have to do is hop on the train. The British rail service is effective and convenient. It connects majority of the towns and villages in the whole country. You can even go to Paris or Brussels by train!

Travelling by train is romantic, don't you agree? Last Friday, on our way to Rochester, the missus and I were the only people in the second carriage. I cuddled her next to me as she rested her head on my shoulder. Both of us were quiet as we watched the stunning vistas from the window. The rolling hills covered by the green grass and the autumn colors- gold, auburn, brown, red- from the forests which occassionally appeared in the horizon, awed us. I kissed her on the forehead and she looked up to me and said, "I love you". And I love her, too. More, in fact.


Rochester, is a charming Norman town along the banks of the river Medway. We went to see the Dickens Center, the Rochester Castle and Cathedral. I had a panic attack on our way up to the Rochester Castle. I can't stand heights! And at least a hundred steps up the circular stairs made my knees weak.

Apparently, this picture taken inside the Rochester Cathedral is sweet.


This year's Maidstone Christmas Lighting Ceremony was wet. But it didn't stop the hundreds of people in taking part of the celebration. We were joined by families, including the wee ones, as we all braved the rain and freezing cold winds to witness the momentous event.


This was taken from the bridge to the Lockmeadow complex. Autumn here, sure, is pretty.


The Canterbury Cathedral is grand. Before this, only the Paoay Church in Ilocos left me speechless. Ketty and I sat in a quiet corner as we marvelled its beauty. Everything about the church is spectacular. From the floor to the pillars to stained glass windows. And don't get me started on the ceiling!


Sidney said...

Can we expect a new baby in nine months... ;-)

kikomeister said...

err, no. hehehe