Monday, February 02, 2009

feb freeze

"The heaviest snowfall to hit the UK in 18 years has brought travel chaos to large parts of the country. "

Picture of the workplace today.

This is the first time I'm experiencing winter weather this severe. Although the temperature hasn't dropped yet to extreme levels, the wintry conditions is dangerous as it is beautiful. Everything was white! I live nearby the hotel but going to work today proved to be a difficult journey. Most of the roads were covered with snow and because of this, a lot of the people at work stayed in at home. Thus, double the work for us who managed to come in. I actually helped out in the Accounts Office. Something I wanted to do for a long time. Just so I can have a clear grasp on the revenue aspect of hotel management. It may come handy in the future if I decide to continue a career in this industry. But in the present climate (pun intended), who knows what will happen?


Sidney said...

Global warming ? ;-)
I hope you have some time to make a snowman ! ;-)

kikomeister said...

no time. i'm always working. :(