Thursday, February 19, 2009

the mangyans go to singapore- town

My parents made their first ever overseas trip today via Clark to Singapore! With them are my two younger sisters (also travelling abroad for the first time) and my brother Nates, who (as he likes to point out) had already been to 8 countries in 3 continents.

My cousin Bads, is showing them around the Lion City until Monday night. She's been living it up there for almost a year now. This holiday came about sometime in December when she called my attention about the Cebu Pacific sale. It was a good deal and so I contacted my family about it. It's been my dream to send my parents abroad ever since my first venture outside the Philippines when I went to the States in 2002. I've been to a number of amazing places and discovered new wonders since. And whenever I experience something new, I sort of feel guilty because they're missing it. Most of the time, I don't get to enjoy it completely because a part of me wishes that I could share the moment with my loved ones. Finally, it's here! I would've felt much better if I paid for the whole trip, kaya lang, hindi naman ako milyonaryo. Hehe. I hope through this small gesture, I can say thank you for everything that they have given me. All the things that I am and have now wouldn't have been possible if not for their blessings and sacrifices. They have been so generous to me. And it's only right to pay them back. I know, there are still a million and one things that I owe them but, little by little, I promise to make it up.

Anyway, they'll also hit Kuala Lumpur this weekend. I can picture them all grinning widely against the Petronas Towers as backdrop. Sayang wala kami ni Ketty. It's okay, because we've had our share of trips and holidays. And there's always a next time. Come May, I'll be home again and I really hope that the plan to visit Bohol, titos and titas plus the entire cousinhood included, pushes through.

Have a grand time and enjoy! Love y'all.


Sidney said...

You are a good son !
You have luck to have caring parents but they are also lucky to have you !
Wish them a marvelous travel journey !
Hope you will be able to visit Bohol again soon !

kikomeister said...

thanks. i try to do what i can.

i haven't been to bohol actually. i did visit cebu last year though. and loved it. i hope bohol's as beautiful if not better.

bads said...

ei they're in the airport already, i had a great time with them..thanks so much jay na miss kita!

kikomeister said...

salamat na marami. i owe you one.

lala o-c said...

bait naman ni kuya jay. kakaiyak.

kikomeister said...

;-p. salamat