Friday, February 13, 2009

old navy

Forget Dior, Old Navy is it for this little monkey. I've almost 2 dozen shirts from this American brand because they're comfortable and presko sa katawan. The vintage shirt designs are right up my alley too. To be fair, I'm not really fussy when it comes to clothing. I don't even press the shirts I wear when I go out. And if people would ask me what my style is, it's t-shirt and jeans baby!

Back to the shirts; I just love them. Old Navy is so affordable which is a good thing at the present climate and because I'm a cheapskate. Hehe. But seriously, why do some people spend hundreds and sometimes thousands of £/ $/ Php on shirts? I don't get it. Especially when you can get some Old Navy shirts for only 99 cents on sale (US. In the UK for 2 quid). Dirt cheap. Talk about value for money.
Did you know that Old Navy was named after a pub in Paris?

Pepito in what else?


Sidney said... is silly to spend a lot of money on clothes!

kikomeister said...

i really don't get it.

Ling said...

bagay kay pepito.

kikomeister said...

salamat. balik ka ulit.