Sunday, March 08, 2009

family matters

Apparently, my last entry drove some relatives to panic. Apologies for any anxiety attack I may have caused you. As I've said before, it wasn't that serious and I don't even think it's as bad as I try to make it out to be. I do know now that to us concerned and away from our families, even a normal fever is enough to make us sick with worry.

Anyway, everything'll be alright. Treatment is scheduled for Wednesday this week and we are all hoping for the best.


I realised that I haven't told you how my family's two country sojourn went.

Well, they had a blast! They all gushed at the sights they visited. They spent almost a day in Sentosa and had fun getting on the cable car. Tatay and Nanay were both amazed and amused by the Underwater World in Singapore. They went crazy when they saw hundreds of fishes. Pictures taken in Little India, Chinatown, Marina bay and the Esplanade and Orchard Road are currently displayed in my siblings' Friendster and Multiply accounts.

In Kuala Lumpur, I booked them at the Citrus hotel. Luckily, they were allocated rooms that had sweeping views of the city. The Petronas can be clearly seen from my parents room. At breakfast, my youngest sister told me, my parents raided the buffet table. The liked Malaysian food so much, they even had get some take out. I inherited my parents' huge appetite. And because I got it from both of them. Y'all can just imagine how big my appetite is.

They spent five days in total away from 'Pinas. When they got home, I got a message from Nanay saying, "Salamat sa tickets at hotel, nag enjoy kaming lahat. Super!"
I can't wait for the next family trip!

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