Wednesday, January 20, 2010

avenue Q

Best described as a theatrial version of Sesame Street but with very adult humour, Avenue Q follows the story of Princeton, fresh from uni and armed with a BA in English diploma as he embarks on a journey of self discovery. Bull! The show is about the residents of a fictional street located "in an outer-outer borough of New York City", an odd group of people and monsters, whose lives haven't turned out as they'd always planned.

Last Saturday, I saw it again with 8 other people from work. It was a team building/ slash Christmas party kinda event. I suggested that we do this instead, but got beaten when the team voted for a London jolly. I first saw this with Ketty four years ago and loved it. This time, I was still laughing my head off just like when I first saw it. It was crude, rude, politically incorrect and hilarious with a capital H.

The songs come on thick and fast, accounting for more of the show than any acting. Good thing the songs are great because it really gave me a serious case of LSS. Topbilled by an accomplished cast, they were brilliant! I was also pleased to see West End superstar and proud kababayan, Joanna Ampil as Christmas Eve. Although I felt she looks and sounds too sweet for the role. She ended up as Miss Saigon rather than a failed Mrs. Chinatown which is what the role called for. Nevertheless, they were all fantastic and all of us enjoyed it. A couple of my colleagues even commented that it was even better than what they've expected it to be.

After the show, we headed to Covent Garden where we had dinner. I had a big plate of Penne Carbonara which was a little salty for my taste. Not that it mattered to me because I finished my plate faster than Usain Bolt's blazing run at the world championships last year.

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