Wednesday, January 27, 2010

rainforest cafe

My cousin Lala is blogging again. The other day, she ym'ed me, "palitan mo link ng blog ko, bago na. Sikat ka. "

I should've known. My family is nuts. Thanks to her, from hereon, I am now known as the "pinakamatakaw" in the family. No, she didn't actually say that. She just gave me a little push to admit the truth. I have the biggest appetite in the family and that's a little bit scary.

Anyway, since we are on the subject of food, let me tell you about the Rainforest Cafe in London Trocadero.

Two weeks ago when the team went to London for a Christmas/team-building, we had lunch at this tourist infested dining place. My boss just had a baby a few months ago which probably explains why she picked this distinctive jungle themed venue offering quick bites amongst alligators and tropical fish.

The restaurant was packed, with kids! And for good reason because there were monkeys and a gorilla hanging from the ceiling and an elephant waiting at the entrance.

None of us ordered any appetizers because we were pressed for time. We only had over an hour before the show.

I ordered the Primitive Roasted Lamb Shank.

Clearly, I wasn't the customer they had in mind. The garlic infused basil oil, with balsamic & red wine sauces was nice and the lamb itself was tender and adequately seasoned but did you notice the size of the serving? In the end, it felt like I had just eaten an appetizer.

This is my problem when going to restaurants that serve ala carte food. Most of the time, I leave these establishments, wanting. They say to truly appreciate the food, one must consume it slowly. By doing so, a person can savor the flavors and appreciate the essence of the dishes. You see, I don't do that. Remember the Sprite motto- obey your thist? I, fulfill my hunger. Nagpapakatotoo lang, brothers and sisters.

That's why I love buffets. But going back to the Rainforest Cafe, the verdict: great for kids, definitely NOT for Kiko.


Sidney said...

You should have ordered a whole elephant ! ;-)

kikomeister said...

i could eat an elephant, hehehe

Lala said...

i sympathize. that is an appetizer. and it looks sad.

kikomeister said...

wala pang 5 minutes...