Sunday, November 26, 2006

ang paksa ng pasko ay paksiw

I am pleased to announce that I'm definitely going home for the holidays. I got my passport back and I'm thrilled to find it stamped with a resident visa valid for a few more years. Spending Chritmas at home is definitely worth looking forward to. I spent the last two Christmases here in the UK and it's nothing compared to what we have back in the islands. The scrumptous and rich food my family will prepare makes my mouth water just by thinking of it. To hell with eating in moderation. When you've got dishes like Dinuguan, Humba, Pansit, Pork Barbacue, Lechon at Paksiw and a lot more on the table, you don't eat enough. You eat more!!!!!

The missus and I are also meeting for the first time after her UK visit. Speaking of that trip, here are some photos we took in London.

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