Thursday, November 23, 2006


I am re-posting entries from my previous blog. Why? Because I can.

Here goes some of them:

4 Little Indian Boys

The Brown Brother was eating Manggang Hilaw with guinisang Alamang in his room when somebody knocked on the door.

1st Little Indian Boy: "Hi, can I watch TV with you?"
Brown Brother: "Sure, you can. Come in."
1st Little Indian Boy: "Your room stinks."
Brown Brother: "Oh, that's because you're in my room."


The Brown Brother together with the 4 Little Indian Boys are going out to the Club. Brown Brother decided to wear a bandana on his head because he's too lazy to put gel on his hair.

2nd Little Indian Boy: "Brown Brother, you look like a ninja. Hiya! (Imitates Bruce Lee and then laughs) Where is your sword?"
Brown Brother: (Obviously annoyed) "Didn't you notice? I just shoved it down your arse!"


The Brown Brother has an ear piecing. As it is not allowed to wear earrings at work, he only wears it during his days off. One day, he was sporting his jaunty silver earring when the 3rd Little Indian Boy noticed it.

3rd Little Indian Boy: (Looking surprised) "Brown Brother, you have a hole in your ear?"
Brown Brother: "Yeah, they're called auditory canals."


The Brown Brother was eating his lunch, while the 4 Little Indian Boys were talking about something in their native tongue. The Brown Brother doesn't have a clue what they're talking about but he reckons the topic is about Famous Indian Boys or Girls.

4th Little Indian Boy: "Brown Brother, name a famous Indian Boy or Girl."
Brown Brother: "Gandhi." (Directed to the 3 Indian boys) "Name a famous Filipino."
Three cars passed.
4th Little Indian Boy: "Abu Sayaff!"

The Brown Brother finishes his meal and walks up to his room feeling defeated.

of rides and airplanes

I am scared of heights. Actually, make that petrified! I cringe whenever I watch people doing stunts up in the air on Fear Factor. I could not bear to look down the ground even if i'm only on a 4 feet high platform. Though I wouldn't go too far in saying I have acrophobia, my problem with heights is pretty serious.

Having said that, I could not explain my fascination about flying and rollercoasters and rides that defy gravity. Whenever I'm on a plane, I always ask for a window seat. I love to see the clouds kiss moutain tops. And to look on what's on the ground. Cars, trees, houses, the ocean, people. It makes me feel like Big Brother watching everybody. hehehe!

And yeah, rollercosters! I've been on a few. Manhattan Express and X-Scream in Las Vegas; Jurrasic Park in Universal Studios; Texas Cyclone, Batman the Escape, Serial Thriller, Viper, Dungeon Drop in Astroworld Houston and Master Blaster in Schlitterbahn. Just today (18 July 2005), I rode one of those Bungee rides (click here for the photo). I was with friends in Hounslow for the 21st Annual Barrio Fiesta, which I have to say is the biggest gathering of Filipinos outside the homeland that I've seen. It was brilliant! The ride, I mean. I must concede, that I was terrified just before I went into it. But as soon as I shot up 100 feet in the air, it was the most amazing thing. The rush it gives is indescribable. I would do it again.

Mad, maybe?


the more you think about it;
the most likely you're not going to do it.
be bold.

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