Wednesday, November 29, 2006

marunong ka bang mag-basa?

Jessica Zafra said:

"This is the idea: I’m going to campaign for Reading. I’m going to devote time and energy to persuading (and if necessary, forcing) people to read books. In my personal observation, there just isn’t enough reading going on in this city. Ever sit alone in a restaurant reading a book? Before long, someone’s going to come up to you and ask who’s with you. Are you waiting for your friends? Can they sit with you until company arrives? Because surely you can’t be sitting alone, reading a book by choice. How do you explain that the book IS the company?"

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It's a wonderful idea to campaign for Reading. Books tell us a lot of things. The past, present and future. Here, there and way beyond. They give us answers to Who, What, When, Where, Why and How? I myself did not get into it till my 20s. And when I did, I asked myself why I haven't started earlier on. Ask my brother and two sisters, and they will tell you how I always tell them to pick up a book. They don't have to be the classics. It would be great if it was a Steinbeck or Shakespeare. But we've got different tastes, I know. So it doesn't really matter, sometimes.

To Ms. Zafra, I wish you goodluck. Who knows? Perhaps one day, we all can get them brown asses inside museums.

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