Tuesday, November 14, 2006


The news of Gringo's capture reached me several hours late. Blame it on geograpy and time difference. While Manila was abuzz about the arrest, I was buzzing in sleep dreaming of a river. The former military officer and ex-senator has been hiding from the law because of his alleged involvement in February's failed coup attempt.

One of the first on his side was opposition leader Tito Sotto. According to him, Gringo is still likely to run for senator despite the arrest. He hasn't been convicted, he added.

Coup d'etat is practically Honasan's middle name for crying out loud! My judgments maybe harsh and hasty, but there is no doubt in my mind he had a hand in that coup. All we have to do is look in the past. Does anybody remember the failed coup attempts he masterminded against the Aquino government? Why he wasn't punished for that, I don't know. I've read somewhere he was given amnesty, a big mistake! The guy, bless him for not recognising the dummy presidency, is as evil as that buck-toothed gnome in Malacanang. Power obtained through violence is dangerous. And Honasan's hunger for power is clearly evident in the violent and deadly ways he's resorted in the past.

If we Filipinos want the government to change, we should shun people like Honasan in the coming elections. We shouldn't go around supporting anybody just beacuse they're against the administration. I wish our election is like that in the States when people vote for the party's principles and agenda not because they're pogi and mukhang mabait.

I wish Pinoys will vote for those who won't give us money but those who'll give us jobs. Candidates who will offer a quality education and decent healthcare not patronage and favors. People who will care for the environment and not their own backyards. Sana may mga taong ganoon. At kung meron man, sana iboto natin sila.

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