Friday, July 06, 2007

weather advisory: more rain

I was foolish to believe that it was gonna go away.

More nasty looking clouds came, making the sky darker than it really was. With them are strong gusts of wind threatening to do damage as it swooped down the earth. The menacing wind intensified even more as it picked up leaves and other debris and hurled them in the air.

In the horizon was a mighty flash of light. Which could only mean the worst is yet to come. Soon enough there was an explosion, a roar of thunder gripping the place even more. As if on cue, rain drops started to fall. Make that pour, for there were no other words to describe it than excess water bursting aggresively from a broken and defeated dam. The rain is violent, no doubt about it. It's clear that this time it came not to nourish and give life but to hurt and destroy.

And even more obvious is that it has overcame the sun. Imprisoning him behind the dark grey puffs in the sky and drowning him with the ferocious rain.

**Picture taken by dmvp .

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