Friday, October 26, 2007


Only six weeks after his conviction of a grave crime, Erap is a free man. I am infuriated to say the least. Walang-hiya!

"Eh, kung hindi ka ba naman makapag-mura kung mababasa mo ang balitang 'yan."

There is no doubt in my mind that a deal was made in exchange of Erap's executive clemency. Not only was the decision done in haste, it is clear that it was a desperate act. Calling her decision appropriate is both wrong and untrue. How can someone who commited a serious offense walk away unpunished?

In danger of suffering the same fate of her disgraced predecessor because of serious allegations of corruption in her administration, she does exactly what is expected from her morally inept office. It is very obvious that she wanted to set a precedent. To save her own selfish and immoral ass and hope that when her time comes, her successor will do the same thing for her. Walang-hiya talaga!

Citing national unity, the rule of law, justice with accountability as her guideposts in her decision to grant pardon; we must commend her for being a great liar. The amount of bull coming out of her mouth is astounding.

It is interesting to note that the some people who acted as catalysts in the Estrada impeachment are now singing a different tune. Joker Arroyo, regarded as one of the heroes of EDSA 2, can only say, “If the President pardons, nobody can question it. That’s one (presidential) power you can’t question.” What is wrong with you? Did they get you too? How much was it?

Commenting on the issue, FVR warns Gloria: Estrada could bring you down. I hope he's prophetic. And may it be a big crash.


Mithi said...

Hahaha! Naalala ko lang yung kaibigan namen. Nagtext kagad ng

Nakakagalit nga naman kase. Takot si GMA pramis, dami na niya kase kasalanan eh kaya kelangan gumawa ng mga tulad nito.

kikomeister said...

shameless, she is!

mschumey07 said...

That's transactional politics for you. The pardon was given to cover up the testimony of Joey de Venecia who directly linked GMA and Mike to the ZTE bribery scandal. Diversionary tactic.

kikomeister said...

makes my blood boil. at itong erap nagpagamit naman. sus, parrehas talaga sila.

btw, ganda nung sinulat mo about the tribune's editorial. one of my favorites.