Saturday, October 20, 2007


I know it's not right to wish other people ill , but to those horrible monsters responsible for the killing of 9 and injuring hundreds of people in Glorietta, mga putang ina n'yo! Calling you insane would mean giving you an excuse for doing that dastardly act. Resorting to violence just to put your message across is both cowardly and pathetic. I feel nothing but hatred towards you. Claiming and harming innocent lives in the name of your stupid beliefs and principles is abosolutely contemptible. You don't deserve any understanding for you are all despicable!

May your lives be filled with great misfortune. And may you all live to be a 100! A 100 years full of great sufferings. May you experience pain that is so extreme, you'd wish you're dead and yet you can't die. Not until you realise and feel the pain of all those people dealing with their loss now.

Mga putang ina n'yo talaga!!!


Mithi said...

Nakakatawa. The moment na pinasabog yung Glorietta napagusapan namin ng bf ko na posibleng diversion ang ginawang taktika ni GMA dahil sobrang mainit ang isyu ng resignation niya ngayon. Hindi malayong gawin niya eh diba?

Tas come 6pm TV Patrol News, ito din ang sinabe ni Trillanes.

kikomeister said...

nakakapag-init ng dugo.