Friday, October 05, 2007

i don't think a title is necessary


Lacónica said...

¿Cómo te puede gustar Paulo Coelho?
Ay! y pensar que nos gusta la película Dogville!
Habremos visto la misma peli?
Creo que no.

Sidney said...

Strange, very strange...too bad I don't understand what she is saying.

kikomeister said...


apparently she blamed it on her period. props to her though for coming back on air. if it was me, i would've fled and gone into hiding. that was really embarassing.

kikomeister said...


i'm sorry but i actually think that the alchemist is brilliant. i read it before it went mainstream. when a third of the world have not heard of him yet. i wish it stayed that way.

dogville is one of the most amazing experiences i ever had. i couldn't believe it! two hours into the film and i still couldn't believe what they're doing! lars von trier is one heck of a madman!

yes, a movie sounds great.

mschumey07 said...

Hahahaha...this is one brave girl. A real trooper.

kikomeister said...

she is isn't she?